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Regardless of the scale or complexity of the work you need done, the Mariner Forge team can step in at any stage, from planning and design, to metal fabrication and installation. Choosing us, you can always tap into our creative mindset, and you can use our knowledge and experience having been a miscellaneous steel fabrication company in the HRM for over 20 years. We can certainly tackle any commercial or residential projects that come our way.

As a company, we’ve developed many creative ways to get our jobs done with accuracy and precision and have developed many processes for bending, cutting, shearing, welding, and fitting up very unique architectural and structural jobs.  

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Why choose us?



Our welders are experts in aluminum, stainless, and steel welding practices

Profile cutting


We offer extremely accurate waterjet cutting and very fast plasma cutting services



We can handle installs, on commercial or residential jobs and properties